Welcome to TBS Cubed

Welcome to TBS Cubed – A company dedicated to provide practical design solutions.

TBS Cubed is an engineering design company that tackles complex design problems with simple innovative solutions.

In this current climate we aim to supply products and services that are inexpensive and benefit both asset owners and end users.

We have a number of products that enhance user safety, protect assets and asset owners and can also reduce capital outlay.

Safe 2 Lift

A rugged robust safety devise designed to survive the inevitable in service knocks of the lifting and handling environment, can be used in conjunction with existing lifting equipment no modifications are needed. Key advantages of use are :-

  • End Users – immediate visual indication of loads too heavy for the selected lifting equipment.
  • Asset Owners – Safe 2 Lift permanently records the magnitude of any overloads for post event analysis.

In this increasingly safety conscious culture the benefits of safe-2-lift have been demonstrated to industry experts who have agreed that it is a major step forward in safety enhancement.